Pre-Sale Redemption

How Members redeem the Pre-Sale Tickets:

As we've been based in Australia for the majority of the A-League 2020/ 21 season, we want to give our 2020/21 Members (VSP and Australia based), 2019/20 Members and 2019/20 Yellow Fever ticket purchasers priority on purchasing their preferred seats.

If you are a 2020/21 Member, 2019/20 Member or 2019/20  Yellow Fever ticket purchaser you will have been sent an email with a password to redeem your pre-sale tickets for Saturday 22 May at Sky Stadium and Sunday 30 May at Eden Park.

If you still haven't received these two emails then please see our FAQs to find out what to do.


Please read through all the steps below.

Step 1: Head to our match specific event pages on Ticketek by clicking the following links: 

Saturday 22 May at Sky Stadium 

Sunday 30 May at Eden Park


Updated Pre-Sale Page

*The above image is for example purposes only. Timings and Matches may be different to those you are trying to purchase tickets for.

Step 2: You will be asked “Please enter your password”. This is where you are to enter your password which was sent to you by email. If you still haven't received this and you are/ were a VSP Member (2021 season), 2019/20 Season Member or Yellow Fever purchaser in the 2019/20 season, then please see our FAQs to find out what to do.

Once you have entered the Password, click “Unlock Tickets” and you will load through to the next screen which will look like the below.


Step 4: Using the stadium map, select the section/ price category that you prefer to sit in. Once you've pressed 'Select', you can choose the amount of tickets you want to purchase in that section. Please also choose if you would like Print-At-Home (ezyTicket) Tickets to be issued, or if you would prefer Mobile Tickets or delivery.


Ticketek Pre Sale Process


Step 5: Once you have chosen your section and ticket delivery type click 'Next'. You can now choose your preferred seats for this match.

Seat Example


Once you've done this; you should then notice you have allocated seats for our home match in your Ticketek basket (located in top right corner of webpage) and you can complete the transaction by clicking on 'Go to checkout'.



*The above image is for example purposes only.


Step 6:  You will need to sign in using your Ticketek login (this is different to your Memberlink login) so may need to 'Sign Up' to register your account.


Login to Ticketek


You should receive an confirmation email of your completed transaction. Tickets will be sent at a later date.

If you have any questions, please contact our Wellington Phoenix Ticketek Hotline on +64 (0) 384 2457 or email