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The NIVEA Men E-League is back for the 2021 Season on Friday 23/ Saturday 24 April.


Campbell Knowles (Airbrn__) returns for his second season, this time playing on the Playstation 4 with Sean Baines (Bainsey_) taking controls of the XBOX.


Playstation 4: Campbell Knowles (Airbrn__)

XBOX One: Sean Baines (Bainsey_)


How does it work?

12 clubs, 24 players, two representing each club playing on two consoles: PlayStation®4  and Xbox One. 

The two players from each club will compete across 11 rounds (five on Match Day 1 - April 23 - and six on Match Day 2 - April 24), playing each side once. 

Each player is required to field one player from their representing club for the duration of the match. The remainder of the players selected on-field will be selectable from a limited number of players from a list approved by EA Global.

Players will gun for two honours simultaneously: 

  • Premiers Plate: This honour will be awarded to the team with the highest aggregate score (each console) at the conclusion of Round 11. This club will be crowned as NIVEA Men E-League 2021 Premiers
  • Console Champions: At the conclusion of Match Day 2, the two individual players with the highest score on each console will be awarded the Console Championship.
  • Each Console Champion will receive their respective 'GOLDEN Champions Controller' as well as one of two EA SPORTSTM FIFA21 Oceania Cup Regional Finals seats.


How can I tune in?

All matches will be broadcast live on Twitch. 


Each round will have one feature match shown on the main Twitch channel (ELeagueaustralia) with full running commentary and player web cams live. All other matches will be streamed on the linear channels listed below: 

Main Channel Eleagueaustralia
Linear Channel ELeague APL1
Linear Channel ELeague APL2
Linear Channel ELeague APL3
Linear Channel ELeague APL4
Linear Channel ELeague APL5


Match Day 1 and 2 - a breakdown

There will be five rounds of action on Match Day 1, and six on Match Day 2 as each club faces off with each other once before the conclusion of the competition. 

The schedule for the allocated rounds of each Match Day is as follows: 

Match Day 1 Friday, April 23 2021
Broadcast commencement 5.45pm AEST/ 7.45 pm NZT
Round 1 6.00pm AEST / 8.00 pm NZT
Round 2 7.10pm AEST / 9.10 pm NZT
Round 3 8.20pm AEST / 10.20 pm NZT
Round 4 9.30pm AEST / 11.30 pm NZT
Round 5 10.40pm AEST / 12.40 pm NZT
Broadcast Cease 11.59pm AEST / 01.59 pm NZT


Match Day 2 Saturday, April 24 2021
Broadcast commencement 1.45pm AEST / 3.45 pm NZT
Round 6 2.00pm AEST / 4.00 pm NZT
Round 7 3.10pm AEST / 5.10 pm NZT
Round 8 4.20pm AEST / 6.20 pm NZT
Round 9 5.30pm AEST / 7.30 pm NZT
Round 10 6.40pm AEST / 8. 40 pm NZT
Round 11 7.50pm AEST / 9.50 pm NZT
Post-show 9.00pm AEST / 11.00 pm NZT
Broadcast Cease 9.30pm AEST / 11.30 pm NZT



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